Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

So this week I'm in Pompano Beach working at the office. I've been developing new software for the company I work for, Alarms GPS. I just finished eating a lunch of rice & beans, chicken, and lettuce. Very good stuff. Right now I'm sitting at my desk waiting anxiously to receive an email from Movistar, a cell service company down in Mexico, to finish a VPN configuration that we've been working on for 3 weeks. Let's just say that it's somewhat frustrating to spend forever doing something that could really take one afternoon....but anyway....

I've been using Google Chrome lately, and I like it because it's fast, it has great themes, and it has lots of cool extensions. Not as many as Firefox, but who really cares, because I only use 2: Xmarks and AdBlock plus. You should check them out, they are really worth it! Anyway, I'm using Ariel to write this blog post, and I've got to say, this netbook really has got a great feeling keyboard! I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit, which makes her really fast and speedy. Check out a snapshot of my desktop (yes, I have a wallpaper for openSUSE, but come on, it looks cool!!):

I used a cool app called Shutter (only for Linux) to create the cool 3D reflect effect...

Otherwise, I'm trying to get these people to take me out to test our car tracker/alarm now. The car alarm is just a device that you plug into your vehicle that has a remote control (to lock and unlock doors or start the engine) which also tracks where it is which you can see on our tracking webpage (it uses Google Maps, which is cool). I think the alarm pretty much ready, it just needs a final test run to make sure it works as advertised, and that I didn't mess up anything important. I really need to get my own car (and not to mention, my license) so I can just go and test it the way I want without having to worry about anything.....

Alrighty, time to get back.....so long!

Jesse L. Zamora

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  1. That's why you are always strapped in the back then ;)