Saturday, January 22, 2011

A stark realization

So I've just returned from this awesome party. It wasn't exactly a rager or anything, but it was really fun! But, while spending time my friends and hanging out, I've realised something. If you don't already know, I spend countless hours in front of the computer working on apps and websites and stuff. Anyway, it tends to be really addicting....kind of like Facebook is, but without the "social" aspect of it. I very rarely go out, even to the store, and sometimes I don't even step out the front door or get any sunlight. So what I've realised is that I need to get out more! And I mean, a lot more. I don't know if anyone really cares, but I once heard this: "There will be always be new jobs, concerts, or movies. But there is only one chance to spend time with your loved ones..."

The way I see it, well, it's a good thing to work hard and keep yourself busy. But, neglecting to spend time with your family and even your friends can be the worst thing you could possibly do. There will always be more work to be done; but your loved ones will not always be there to hang out or spend time with. Upon my realisation of this, I have made a resolution. While continuing to work hard, I will also just hang out with people. Perhaps do something fun...anything that's not what I do every single day day after day. I am slowly beginning to lose any social skills that I may have left...and that is very saddening.

I'm sure this post has been quite a boring dissertation...but I thought I'd just out and say it, since after all I have been quite a recluse....

Thanks for reading,
Jesse L. Zamora


  1. Yay!! A new post! And an excellent one at that... I think your new resolution is great! You won't regret it... :)

  2. I think it's a great post and I enjoyed reading it. Good resolution!!!

  3. Hey thanks! Too bad I'm in Pompano Beach now (working on the computer), but I can't wait to get back home so I can hang out with my peeps! :-)

  4. I know the feeling! The next step is doing something about it though - I have the same realization every 6 months or so, usually after I've been to a rare party or night out.

    Being a counsellor when not a programmer, I know this is part of the wheel of change called "Pre-contemplation", and can also be a "false problem" (i.e. a problem that I have not intention of doing anything about but regularly spend time thinking about).

    I still only go out occasionally ;) But I'm happy, so that's something :)